Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Definition of basic terms

1.1. Terms “Provider”, “User”, “License Agreement”, “Application”, “Content”, “User Content”, “User Marketplace” have the same meaning as defined by Business Terms&Conditions.

1.2. Provider and User have jointly entered into a License Agreement by User agreeing to General Terms&Conditions as published on when setting up a User Account.

1.3. Within this legal relationship, Provider will be the administrator of User’s personal data for the purpose of implementing the contractual relationship and for marketing purposes under Article 4 Point (7) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of European Parliament and Council on the protection of all individuals with regard to processing of personal data and free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / ES (The General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

1.4. The terms “data administrator”, “data processor”, “personal data”, “processing”, “appropriate technical and organisational measures” used herein need to be interpreted in the GDPR context.

2. What User’s personal data are administered by Provider

2.1. To provide the Application and its support, the following data is required:

  • Email – User’s username
  • Password – for User verification
  • Business licence number (ID) – if user has it; required on invoices
  • Tax ID – Mandatory entry on invoices for VAT payers
  • Billing address – mandatory invoice information
  • Bank account number or other payment method – for display on invoices
  • Technical Specifications
  • All correspondence (i.e. via email, chat, in application) with user support
  • On the marketing site for statistical purposes of visits and user actions (i.e. creating a new account, testing design changes)
  • Voluntary User’s Response to Provider’s Polls
  • Records about application activities (logs) which also may record user’s activity in his account

2.2. Other data about self the User enters into user account when using the Application.

2.3. Provider uses in its presentation so-called cookies to enhance the quality of services, personalisation offer, collection of anonymous data, and for analytical purposes. By using the site, user agrees to use the mentioned technology.

2.4. Data about User’s business partners, issued and received invoices, etc., and their handling by Provider, describes the Processing Agreement.

3. How are Date used and processed by Provider

3.1. Processing of personal data for purpose of implementing a contractual relationship means processing of data to the extent necessary for License Agreement realisation. For this purpose, user’s identification and contact details will be processed to the necessary extent, as well as information related to ensuring the run of the Application. If the User does not agree to provide this information for this purpose, the agreement can not be entered.

3.2. Marketing use of data means only the use of User’s contact information to spread commercial communications regarding Provider’s products (i.e. notification of Application enhancement) and products placed in User’s Marketplace that have already been provided by User. The above personal information User provides voluntarily and agrees with processing. Approval is given for the duration of contractual obligation and can be revoked at any time.

3.3. The consent also applies to processors authorised by administrator, whose services Provider uses to run the Application – such as server infrastructure providers, data backups, external collaborators and employees. With each such subcontractor, Provider has a signed contract binding the subcontractor to comply with the terms of this Processing Agreement. Provider may engage in processing a subcontractor if he / she meets the requirements consistent with the terms of this Processing Agreement.

3.4. The list of Provider’s subcontractors is available at

3.5. Provider commits not to provide User’s data the third parties for commercial purposes without specific, direct consent of the User. This consent can be given by the user, for example, by ticking the form element in the application, in the email or in other communication with the Provider.

3.6. Provider does not automatically make individual decision-making in the sense of GDPR No. 22.

4. User Rights

4.1. User has the right to access his or her personal data, the right to information about his personal data processing for all the above mentioned purposes, the right to correction, the right to liquidation. If the user considers that his or her personal data is being processed unlawfully, he / she is also entitled to require Provider to explain and remove the fault status.

4.2. If User asks for information about the extent or processing manner of his Personal Data, Provider is obliged to transmit this information without delay, but no later than within one month of the request receipt by Provider at

4.3. In the case of a repeated and unreasonable request to provide a physical copy of the processed Personal Data, Provider is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the associated administrative costs.

5. Data deletion

5.1. Upon termination of the providing as per License Agreement between Provider and User – typically by User cancelling his / her account – Provider is obliged to delete User’s account data if he / she is not obliged to store personal data under a special law.

5.2. User account data are erased as soon as the licensing agreement is terminated.

5.3. Within 60 (sixty) days of deleting account, Provider will erase data from both User’s account and Application’s Backup.

5.4. Application Activity (logs) which may record also User’s activity in his account, Provider will erase within one (1) year of cancellation of the account.

5.5. Provider keeps the following data upon termination of providing as per License Agreement:

  • Correspondence and online chats of User when solving his queries with the support, by email or online chat tools.
  • If User responds to Provider’s Pool voluntarily, such responses will remain retained even after the account has been deleted.

6. Others

6.1. User commits to promptly report any facts known to him that could adversely affect the proper and timely fulfilment of obligations arising from these conditions and to provide the Provider with the necessary cooperation to meet these conditions.